Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9 ways to feel alive!!!

I hear on so many different web sites “How do you feel like your living? How do you feel alive? So it got me thinking even when I checked my http://www.43things.com/ site I had that in my things to do “Feel alive” we all live but why don’t we feel like we are a live some times. Do we get all caught up in the daily actions to cater to our own needs? I know it can be redundant. So what do you do to “Feel Alive”? Here are a few of my suggestions.

1. Set goals that are close to your morals, values, and heart.
Goals are great – they keep you on track! Only if they mean something to you and they are close to you. Then understanding that your goals you have to WORK for they are not going to be giving to you on a silver platter just because you picked that as your goal. Grant you, you may meet some people to help you along your journey! If you never get that goal all that work you put into will make you feel ALIVE!

2. Educated risks When we get stuck in our daily lives we tend to do the same thing over and over giving us that feeling of geesh just another day! One way to stop that is to do a bit of research and take a risk. Weather it be jumping off a bridge (that you know is save to jump off of) or asking a stranger what they think of something or other. Is it scary well I hope so because that is the point! We tend to forget we have other emotions and if you don’t startle them you will feel bored of life.

3. Comfort zone (goes with educated risk)
Along the same lines of educated risk we all tend to do what is safe for us? I’m not asking you to do something ridiculously stupid or completely unsafe. But try to point out your comfort zone.

For example: you are not the type to start conversations because you are shy or because you had a bad experience. Well you are not the same person you were back then so step out of that comfort zone and try it.

Maybe it’s your clothing you never wear yellow it’s to bright and may look funny. Try it any way not like it’s going to hurt you! Stepping out of your comfort zone at least 1 time a day can really increase your feeling ALIVE.

4. Where is the kid in you?
Did you lose that every asking questions of interest? Are you scared to do something out of fear someone will say you are childish? Is that someone you look up to or are they just pretending to live life? Grow down do something silly get laughed at get called a kid then say I’m a kid at heart! Parents got a head up on this one when you have a kid you have to play with your kid! There for acting like a kid is easy. So think back on what you enjoyed as a kid or even something you never had the guts to do when you were a kid and give it a shot!

5. Forgiveness
Okay this is one of the hardest things to do but it will take that tension/pressure off of you! Weather you forgive that human to their face or just to yourself either way you should do this. One of the hardest things was to forgive someone but it is the one thing that will make you feel free and alive! Plus you won’t have that added mental weight killing your mind.

6. Something new (sort of a piggy back off of comfort zone)
At least one time a week do something you have never tried before it could be a new way to work, a new taste, or even a new thought pattern. What ever it is make sure you go into it with a clear head and mind. (Easier to have a clear mind when you forgive people)

7. Give yourself time (MAKE IT)You can’t enjoy it all if you don’t take time to breathe it in and reflex on it. You know the saying stop and smell the roses. Yes it is harder in today’s age but how ever you have to do it: schedule an appointment with yourself, Give up TV for 15 minutes for yourself, or pass up a healthy meal for a quick fix to help free up some time! What ever the sacrifice it will be worth it in the long run!!!!

8. Give up excusesIt can be hard not to give excuses to something but don’t give excuses for who you are or the actions you take. If you were wrong or you made a mistake apologize and learn from it then make it good.

Example: If you were late for work don’t wine about the traffic jam you know what stuff comes up. Learn from it by leaving early for work or just say sorry I was running late! And leave it at that!

9. Let it go!
Letting go is almost like forgiving but your letting it go almost in one ear out the other, mainly with negative stuff that we get slammed with daily. If you think someone said something to hurt your feelings or you are unsure why they said what ever who cares just let it go, it really isn’t that important! Yes it is easer said then done but very effective! So practice!!!

So that is my suggested ways to live life to the fullest or to feel alive either way you put it these 9 things will do wonders for you personally. None of these are easy but with time and practice they will get some what easier. Our emotions getting stirred up in a good way gives us the most adrenaline ever!


Adding: it has been some time and a lot of great people offered suggestions to make this post even better.
Working out... what a great idea it also keeps you heatlhy i haven't went indepth in thinking about this but i do think it's a great time to relive this post!  Enjoy!


Technel said...

Hi, I found this post via a comment of yours on zenhabits. I really enjoyed this article! We are always told to step out of our comfort zones, but I really liked the tip to try to do it at least once a day.

Pril said...

Thanks Technel!!!
I'm a starting my own blog for this stuff I hope some helps you out!

Travors said...

Great post, really positive!

JEMi said...

I really love this list of tips - I'm going to have to share this post. I saw you listed on ZenHabits links -

#1 is my favorite.. when things have a real meaning to me, it's so much easier for me to follow through

excellent post!

Pril said...

Thanks for your support!

Glad you like it.. I do aim to stay positive!

come back for more soon!

linty said...

I agree with #1! Not only do I try my best to make goals that only pertain to my own values, I also try very hard to only pick battles that involve my morals and values.

I refuse to argue over something silly like directions or not hanging up a coat. But arguing about the effects of a dysfunctional family on a child, I could go at that all day :)

Pril said...

Thanks Linty - #1 is highly important to basic living needs if your into that sort of life that is!

Yes please don't argue unless it's needed.. not worth the time effort of some peoples feelings!

Jessica said...

Great advice! I've been feeling pretty blah. I really like tips 1 and 2. The weather's getting warmer so there's no excuse for me not to get out there and try new things!